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About Us

The Growing Tree Preschool is ...

a non-profit cooperative. We provide play and exploration-based learning opportunities for the children in our communities. Hit Play above to learn all about us!!


Co-operatives operate according to 7 basic principles:

  • Voluntary and open membership

  • Democratic member control

  • Member economic participation 

  • Autonomy and independence

  • Education, training and information

  • Co-operation among co-operatives

  • Concern for the community


What are the benefits for parents?

  • Participation in all aspects of your child’s preschool education

  • A support network of friends with the same interests and concerns

  • A chance to observe how your child manages his or her first years of school

  • A chance to discover new and hidden talents and to contribute your abilities

  • A voice in preschool decisions and policy making

  • Ease of communication with teachers

  • A chance to learn to effectively advocate on behalf of children

  • Piece of mind in knowing that the preschool will be a continuing service in our community


Please click below to find more information about enrolling your child into the Growing Tree Preschool!

Our Program

Please click below to check out more details about our program and what a day in the classroom typically looks like!

Come see our gallery!

Please click below to find pictures that help show what the Growing Tree Preschool is all about!

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